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Have you booked your tickets?

Our performances of The Distance Between Us are coming up soon.

We are at St Andrew's Hall Norwich on Saturday 28 January and St George's Church Brighton on Saturday 11 February. There are 2 shows at each venue at 6pm and 8pm.

The Distance Between Us is an immersive choral theatre production with original, contemporary songs around themes of separation and connection across time and space. Lyrics are taken from traditional and modern poetry, set to music by Jon Baker and Sian Croose, Voice Project co-directors, and composer Orlando Gough.

The choir (over 100 singers in Norwich, slightly less in Brighton) will be performing alongside the professional singers in the Voice Project Quintet - Jeremy Avery, Jon Baker, Sian Croose, Lisa Cassidy and Sharon Durant, and musicians Adrian Lever, Owen Gunnell and Rowland Sutherland.

Tickets are available from the Voice Project website



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