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Alfriston, Sussex and Blythburgh, Norfolk | 2022

Arc of the Sky was inspired by the idea of a bird’s-eye view of Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh (known as the Cathedral of the Marshes), and the surrounding landscape of the Blyth Estuary and the Suffolk coastline.


We first began the project in March 2020, but had to move everything online because of Covid-19. Unable to sing and perform live, we made a film instead. Read more here.

Two years on we were able to revisit the project, this time in person and with live performances. We set up choirs in Brighton and Norwich, and also provided onlin sessions for people from further afield or unable to attend in person.


Performances took place on 11 June at St Andrew's Church, Alfriston, Sussex and 2 July at Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh, Suffolk with The Voice Project Choir, The Voice Project Quintet and musicians Rowland Sutherland (flute and piccolo) and Adrian Lever (hammered dulcimer and piano). 

 The music was specially written by Jonathan Baker, Sian Croose and Orlando Gough.  A pdf of the Blythburgh programme can be downloaded here.

We dedicated the Blythburgh performances to our dearly missed friend and associate artist Sianed Jones, who sadly died in February 2022.

Arc of the Sky received public funding from Arts Council England.

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