Arc of the Sky Prologue

Here for Culture

We are pleased and relieved to announce that we have a received a grant from the Culture Recovery Fund. It will enable us to carry on running projects and courses for the next 6 months and develop plans for how we keep our project going after that.

We'd like to thank you for continuing to supporting us, booking on a course, joining a project, watching our work online, making a donation, we really appreciate it.

We also want to say a huge thank you to the team of artists that are a crucial part of the creative life of The Voice Project. We are 'Here for Culture', as always, and we will do our best to make sure that we support as many of our creative colleagues as possible in these difficult times, and that we can carry on offering you affordable, accessible, life-enhancing creative adventures ...

All best wishes 
Sian and Jon

The Distance Between Us

A new choral film for Autumn/Winter 2020

Photo: Dave Guttridge


In October 2020 we began making The Distance Between Us, the second installment of a trilogy that is a collective choral diary of the autumn and winter months, connecting people and places across distances.  We are singing together, but apart, to create a choral film event for January 2021.

The Distance Between Us is a sequel to our summer 2020 project Arc of the Sky - you can see the finished film and a shorter prologue above.
It features new music from Jonathan Baker, Sian Croose and Orlando Gough, and visuals from filmmaker Nathan Clarke and art director Sal Pittman.

All are welcome to take part in The Voice Project Choir. No previous experience is needed and you will be guided through the process by expert facilitators. Although we started in October you can still join us.

The choir learns inspiring new music in weekly Zoom rehearsals that will feature in the final piece, as well learning how to make sound and visual recordings, if they wish. All rehearsals are recorded and are available on the members area of this site, together with sound files and scores.

We’re also running optional extra sessions in creative writing, with award-winning poet Esther Morgan, and movement sessions with Dane Hurst, internationally-renowned dancer and choreographer.

We don’t yet know when it will be safe for us all to start singing together again in person. If we are able to go back to some kind of safe, socially-distanced singing during the rehearsal period, we will. However, we will also continue to run online rehearsals so that distance learners, and those who need to shield for health reasons, can still take part.

The final piece will feature recorded and filmed material from the choir.  If it is safe and possible, the final event may be supplemented by some form of live performance. 

Project Sessions from 20 October

Tuesdays: 19:00-20:00 tenors and basses / 19:15-20:15 altos and sopranos
Saturdays: 11:00-12:00 altos and sopranos / 11:15-12:15 tenors and basses

until 15/19 December, then break for Christmas and start again from 5-23 January.

We have 3 different prices and you choose which you want to pay: £50 / £75 / £105

Book a place -

You can also help us to carry on our work by donating via


What people said about taking part in Arc of the Sky

It provided a comfortable space every Tuesday and Saturday, with the opportunity along with Jon and Sian ( all of which was new to me) It was lovely to see the choir, … Zoom VP was a lovely and imaginative response to the crisis.

I greatly enjoyed taking part in ‘Arc of the Sky’ It had  a positive effect on the lockdown. It gave me something to look forward to and enjoy.

Really good. It was great to have a regular creative outlet( and challenge) and to connect with the choir.

I found the project to be a really positive experience. The music has been great but I have also enjoyed learning how to record myself and send files, all completely new to me.

The technical side of things has been extremely well organised and provided a challenge without being overwhelming. The project has been a major contribution to my mental wellbeing at this difficult time.

I was amazed at how well the project worked via Zoom… the twice-weekly sessions became hugely important highlights in my week. They were so cheering, positive, relaxing and uplifting.

 ‘Life always finds somewhere to whisper’  

from ‘Rising Late’ by  Derek Mahon