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Behind the Scenes

With the Norwich performances of The Distance Betwen Us taking place tomorrow (Sat 28 January) we thought it would be interesting to give you an idea of the preparation that goes into the show and the committment given by choir members.

After Tuesday's regular rehearsal we've now moved to the venue, St Andrew's Hall for rehearsals on Thursday and Friday evenings and all day Saturday.

This is the first time that the choir and the soloists in the Voice Project Quintet come together, and it's also when we plan out the actual shape of the show. Although Jon and Sian have ideas of what will work, it's not until they can try things out with the choir in the actual venue that they know if it will work. On Thursday evening the choir arrived with all sorts of props - card tables, anglepoise lamps, trays and other items - and spend the evening singing and trying different ways of moving around the space.

In the meantime we're organising catering, front of house activities and practicalities - thank goodness for Stage Manager Katy!

The choir, soloists and musicians have a dress rehearsal on Friday evening and then will rehearse all day Saturday before giving 2 performances in the evening, and many choir members will be helping out on the box office, serving drinks and selling programmes. It's an intensive, tiring day but also highly enjoyable and exhilarating.



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