The Voice Project is an open-access singing project offering a whole range of creative ways to use your voice. The Voice Project was created by singers Sian Croose and Jonathan Baker in 2008 and since then they have involved hundreds of singers in unique performances of new vocal music as well as workshops designed to build vocal confidence and explore a wide variety of uplifting and inspiring vocal music.

Sian Croose

is a singer, conductor and performance maker with over 30 years experience creating and directing music projects in the UK. After an apprenticeship in bands and alternative theatre, she trained on the Community Music programme founded by John Stevens.

Since 1997, she has conducted new choral works by a long list of great composers, including Barbara Thompson,  Karen Wimhurst, Andy Sheppard, Jon  Hassell, and Gwilym Simcock. She has sung with the Helen Chadwick Group and Human Music and performs in the Voice Project Quintet with Sianed Jones, Jeremy Avis, Lisa Cassidy, and Jonathan Baker.

Other projects include The Dawn Chorus, with American singer and composer Brendan  Taaffe,  writing and performing new songs inspired by the Shape Note tradition and Harmonium, a wordless systems-based a cappella project for 12 women‘s voices that premiered in 2016. She runs Norwich – based choir Big Sky, regularly commissioning new music from award-winning songwriter Chris Wood and performing with storyteller Hugh Lupton and multi-instrumentalist  Adrian Lever. She also runs workshops for choirs and vocal groups throughout the UK and Ireland and training and coaching for vocal leaders and singers. She is co-director of The Voice Project.

Jonathan Baker

is a singer, teacher, and composer who has written extensively for TV, radio, and theatre. He is a founder member of The Neutrinos with whom he has toured throughout Europe and North America and KlangHaus, an award-winning immersive performance project producing over ninety shows at London’s Royal Festival Hall. He is a co-founder of The Voice Project.

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