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Reading Music for Singers

"Just to say a big thank you for this. It was very helpful, clear and user friendly”

"I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying learning in your reading music short course. I think it works really well on Zoom”

“I wanted to give you concrete examples, twice in the last week I've listened to music on the radio and said out loud " I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS" just because of what I've learned in a very short time!”

“… last night the term "Circle of 5ths" was spoken at the end of R4's Front Row, my ears pricked up, and this followed with a superb playing of Bach's organ sonata No 4 and I could almost visualise the notes on the stage!”

“Well. Fantastic.”

“And this morning when you were warming up, singing the scales, even though I've been doing the warm-ups with you for some years now, I had the visual in my mind's eye. Wonderful!”

“I'm surprised by how much I've absorbed. So, thank you!”