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I’ve found the project to be a very positive experience. The music has been great but I’ve also enjoyed learning how to record myself and send files; all completely new to me. The technical side of things has been extremely well organised and provided challenge without being overwhelming. The project has been a major contribution to mental wellbeing at this difficult time.

I enjoyed the sessions and was impressed at how well they were run, considering the obvious disadvantages of zoom. It was good to try the choir during lockdown. The format of zoom has helped me stand on my own feet a bit more in terms of my voice and starting to follow a music score more.

Absolutely it did, in the most positive way. The lock down has induced a huge sense of loss, everyone has their story, mine is that I am relatively isolated from my close friends and family and recently widowed. So not being able to join in the planned Voice Project choir rehearsals and performance was a huge additional loss. The fact that it became available on-line has meant I've enjoyed all aspects of belonging to the choir, joining in rehearsals and learning songs as usual (not quite, but a good alternative) has been so enriching. In addition, learning to use the new technology has been interesting, not only zoom, but the method of recording my voice so it becomes part of the whole, and making the visual representations have been really interesting. Jon, Sian and Iain have made the whole process relaxing, enjoyable, without barriers and being problem solving all of which has made it a really enjoyable and different project. It has reduced my sense of isolation and increased my access to creative arts, singing and keeping connected.

I loved the social and musical contact. Singing twice a week made me feel uplifted, and provided some regular structure. An hour’s singing is as good as any meditation. I loved the material we sang; words and music seemed especially apt.

The whole experience has been extremely uplifting and supportive. Being able to link up on Zoom with everyone has been a bright beacon in the week. It made lockdown much more bearable and the fact that we’re all creating a performance, even though we’ve not been together in person at all over the past months, is truly amazing and a real tribute to the whole Voice Project team, who’ve made it possible. Thank you so much.

I am glad I took part as for me it was a learning curve and also a much needed way of keeping in touch with the choir. It helped to stay fit mentally, physically and vocally. During the lockdown it was vital in maintaining a some sense of normality.

It definitely helped me get through the lockdown period because it was a return to the familiar format of choir sessions even if the delivery was very different. It was good to have the sessions to look forward to and lovely to see everybody. I enjoyed recording my own voice because it made me really focus on how I sounded and think about how I could improve that sound. The visual aspect of the project was also fun to do, a chance to think creatively and just experiment a bit.

The connection with other choir members and the uplifting creativity of the VP became a key highlight of my weeks throughout lockdown.

It took a while to adjust to, but then it became addictive, haha. The sense of community, belonging, twice a week, beamed straight into your home was not only lovely but enlivening. Singing has enhanced my mood and kept me buoyant and stable throughout lockdown. Many thanks.