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Scenius: professional development for performers and creative artists

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

"Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole

cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius." Brian Eno

Scenius is our new professional development programme for performers and creative artists working with voice and movement who are interested in developing their practice by working across disciplines with outstanding international practitioners.

Our first event is a 2-day CPD workshop with acclaimed USA movement and voice artist Ellen Fisher. It takes place on 27 and 28 June 2023, 10am- 4pm, at Norwich Arts Centre, St Benedict's Street, Norwich.

Ellen Fisher is an interdisciplinary movement artist. At present she is performing and teaching with Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble and teaches throughout Europe and the US.

Her workshops combine dance, music and voice. The body sings and the voice dances combining to convey essential expression. Fisher uses techniques that tap into intuitive rhythmic dance. A movement vocabulary is explored that considers phrasing, gestural narratives and image. Her long working relationship with Meredith Monk has enabled her to hone these techniques and exercises through performing and team teaching.

The 2-day workshop costs £150/£120. A limited number of bursaries are available on request. Please email



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