Arc of the Sky

Film Screening

In March 2020, the choirs fell silent. The Voice Project had planned to start rehearsing a new show, Arc of the Sky, inspired by the idea of a bird’s-eye view of Holy Trinity Church, known as the Cathedral of the Marshes, and the landscape it sits in, the Blyth estuary and the coastline with performances planned there for July.

We had to plan quickly and adapt to the impossibility of singing together in person, so we got together with filmmaker Nathan Clarke and art director Sal Pittman and redesigned the project as a film, which will premiere in Norwich on Oct 2nd with music written by Jon Baker, Orlando Gough and Sian Croose, for the singers of the choir, instrumentalists and vocal soloists, texts by British and American poets including Esther Morgan, Emily Dickinson, Steven Watts, Wendell Berry, Jane Draycott and George Szirtes, the film explores themes of flight, perspective, scale, solitude and connection. Choir members have filmed and recorded themselves over the course of the project and the creative team have assembled the final piece, a choral chronicle of the spring and early summer of 2020.

As well as the screening of the Arc of the Sky film, which will last approximately 30 minutes there will be a promenade video gallery featuring montages with artistic treatment by Sal Pittman.

Coronavirus Safety Information

To maintain the safety of performers, crew, and audience members The Voice Project will:

  • Maintain social distancing wherever possible.
  • Limit the number of performers as far as possible.
  • Limit the number of audience members.
  • Limit the duration of social interaction opportunities.
  • Take steps to improve ventilation as far as possible and whenever possible, both through the use of mechanical systems and opening windows and doors.
  • Take steps to encourage audiences to support the overall safety of the event, seating individuals rather than allowing them to stand (to help maintain social distancing).
  • We will continue to take other vital steps including preventing unwell people from attending, maintaining cleanliness, supporting contact tracing, and other mitigating measures.

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