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Norfolk | 2023

Arc of the Sun was a summer project that explored our relationship to nature and the landscape. We were inspired by the beautiful setting of the church at Salle,  near Reepham in Norfolk. It is renowned for having one of the most beautiful acoustics in the UK.

The concert featured original music and inspiring poetry with newly created material as well as original songs from previous projects Arc of the Sky and Ideas of Flight.


Although we were able to rehearse with choirs is Norwich and Brighton, we could only do performances in Norfolk. Most of our Brighton singers however, did come to take part in the performances.

Performances took place at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Salle Norfolk on 15 July.

The Voice Project Choir and The Voice Project Quintet were joined by musicians Rowland Sutherland (flute and piccolo) and Adrian Lever (hammered dulcimer and piano).

 The music was written by Jonathan Baker, Sian Croose and Orlando Gough. 

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