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Norwich and Brighton | 2023

The Distance Between Us was initially an online project that we did in 2021, resulting in a short film of the same name. We wanted to create a new live interpretation of that project, looking back and reflecting on the experience when we could once again sing together in person.


Rehearsals began in October 2022, in Norwich, Brighton and online.

Performances took place in Norwich, at St Andrew's Hall on 28 January and in Brighton, at St George's Church, Kemptown on 11 February. 

The Voice Project Choir and The Voice Project Quintet were joined by musicians Rowland Sutherland (flute and piccolo), Adrian Lever (hammered dulcimer and piano) and percussionist Owen Gunnell. 

 The music was written by Jonathan Baker, Sian Croose and Orlando Gough. 


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