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The Voice Project Presents: Lost & Found

City Voices on a Winter's Night

Saturday 6th December - 5pm / 7pm / 9pm

City Hall, Norwich

Eventbrite - The Voice Project Presents: Lost & Found - City Voices on a Winter's Night 

Lost & Found is a new hour-long promenade piece by The Voice Project Choir, staged in-and-around the hallways and chambers of Norwich's City Hall. Featuring over 100 voices and soloists performing new choral music, inspired by themes of memory and imagination. 

Lost & Found is the third in a trilogy of site-specific performances from The Voice Project, following on from this summer's Norfolk & Norwich Festival show – 'Souvenir' at Holkham Hall and ’Things We've Forgotten’ created for the SCVA Monument exhibition. 

Directed by Sian Croose & Jonathan Baker 

Featuring words by George Szirtes, Esther Morgan, Andrew McDonnell. Katrina Porteous, Siegfried Sassoon, Tom Warner and Anne Sexton 

Music by Jonathan Baker, Orlando Gough, Dave Camlin and Helen Chadwick, The Voice Project Choir, Human Music, Adrian Lever and Stephen Hiscock 

Conducted by Sian Croose 

Lighting by Tim Tracey 

Saturday December 6th // 5pm / 7pm / 9pm at City Hall, Norwich

Please Note: Customers will need to select which of the three performance times they would like to attend at the top of the booking page. If you have any questions regarding the performance or the booking of tickets, please email



The Voice Project is an open-access singing project offering a whole range of creative ways to use your voice. The Voice Project was created by singers Sian Croose and Jonathan Baker in 2008 and since then we have involved hundreds of singers in performances of great new vocal music as well as workshops designed to build vocal confidence and explore a wide variety of uplifting and inspiring vocal music.

Sian Croose is a singer and community musician who has run choirs  and vocal groups for 25 years. She has sung in cathedrals and village halls, in tiny villages and capital cities, on her own and with a cast of thousands. She has created music projects in the  UK, Ireland and France and is co-founder of The Voice Project.

Jon Baker is a singer, teacher and composer who has written extensively for TV, radio and theatre. He is a founder member of The Neutrinos with whom he has toured throughthout Europe and North America. He is co-founder of The Voice Project.



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